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scout tee | pepperknit

After I finished sewing my robe, I had enough fabric leftover to make myself a Scout Tee! (Or, I carefully conserved fabric as I cut the robe so that I could eke out something of substance.) I wear this all the time, I love it! I even wore it on a short business trip a week after I made it, before I’d even taken photos.

scout tee | pepperknit

Not much more to say about it, as I’m slowly getting better at making them. I cut a lot of bias binding in a white cotton lawn so that I now have it as a go-to for future projects. It’d be so nice to make coordinating or otherwise special bindings, but I find making bias tape to be so tedious, and feels like such a waste of fabric, that I feel satisfied with a small stash of white. Since it isn’t visible anyway, who cares?

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