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just because i’m determined


Or, just because I’m insane.

Or, just because I’m a show-off.

Or, just because it started to be a game.

Or, just because there’s no possible way I’ll keep this up after tonight, but I had to at least try!

That’s right folks. FOUR finished objects in FOUR DAYS. Is this a PR? Oh yeah. I’m no marathoner like my dad, but this was a knitting marathon, of sorts.

presenting the bainbridge scarf


Here it is! The finished pattern for The Bainbridge Scarf. It even includes step-by-step directions for wearing it. I want to get the pattern up right away, so a proper pattern page is still forthcoming (plus, it’s been a long time since I uploaded a new page to the site, and I’m going to need some time for my memory to kick in). Click on the name below in the meantime. Enjoy!