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accidental FO

placket pullover

I cast this on at 11:30 yesterday morning . . . worked on it idly during the day while working and doing some intense housecleaning . . . and was all but completely done at 9:30. I admit, even I was shocked.


spidey sense!

I hate having secret knitting in the works, because really, if you can’t blog it, is it worth it? I just spent a bit of time knitting something for a designer, and I hope I’ll be able to share it with you when it’s made public. Not taking a single shot of the completed project was really weird, but I packed it up and delivered it this past week.

There was also another secret project, and I can tell you guys about it now, but it’s not directly knitting so it will wait.

Happily, I was working on some secret knitting that I can now share.