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a jeans jean skirt!

i made a skirt!

When my favorite pair of jeans developed a hole in the crotch, I wore them up until the size reached—why am I admitting this online?—a truly embarrassing level. I told myself it was in an invisible spot, I rationalized that I wore them only around the neighborhood. . . . ┬áBut then one day I came to terms with the trashy situation and tucked them in the back of my drawer. I knew there was a technique for sewing a jean skirt out of old jeans, and I knew someday I’d have the energy to do it.

Yesterday I did a closet purge and came upon my much-loved jeans. These jeans went everywhere with me for a few years, and no matter what I weighed or how much I ate at one sitting, they always fit right. They were magic. I decided it was time to get them back in my wardrobe.


skirt wip

Several years ago a friend said to me, in an off-hand way, “well, you’re not a skirt person.”

My reaction was swift and indignant. How dare she say such a thing! But then I thought about it. And, yeah, it’s true, I never wore skirts at the time. I was a jeans-and-a-T-shirt gal, and my skirts required just too much work. More thoughtful shoe choices, potential need for tights (depending on the season), and attention to seated positioning were all necessary when wearing skirts.

I’m not sure if it’s because of her comment or some growth and maturity, but, though my wardrobe remains dominated by slacks, I do enjoy skirting it up from time to time. And my recent foray into the knitted skirt had such resounding success, I was eager to give it another whirl. “Not a skirt person,” pshaw.