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systematic desensitization

mood fabrics!

Two weeks ago Rachel and I ventured into Mood for the very first time, and I left a rattled, anxious mess. Last week, however, I went back–that’s right, exposure therapy is the only way to go. I went with a friend who sews but still considers herself a novice, despite having made several awesome skirts and dresses, which was great because we could explore together and each guide the other a bit (it was her first time to Mood).



Guess what I discovered? My blogiversary was, um, back in May. May 30. I had it in my head that the anniversary was in July! The purchase of does date to July, but I didn’t even debut the new blog until August. So . . . no excuses, I missed my blogiversary, plain and simple. It’s now been two-plus years. In some ways it doesn’t seem like that long, and yet it feels as if I’ve been at it forever–can’t imagine my life without it.

Knitting, however. . . . I have not been knitting. Is it because it’s summer? Or something else? I don’t know, but though I tote unfinished socks around in my bag every day, I don’t add to the number of stitches. I’ve been busy, and that definitely gets in the way, and I’ve been Flickring, which is a time-suck beyond all others. Oh, and I’ve been fantasizing about these . . .