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what to do with leftover sock yarn (another free pattern)

My new haircut, which is actually a month old, is still taking getting used to. Honestly, I hate it. Detest it. I can’t keep it out of my face, and it never sits quite right. I get lots of compliments, but I think mostly people are inspired to say “ohmigod, you chopped off all your hair!” and then they have to say something nice. I guess I don’t really hate the way it looks, I mostly hate living with it. I’m just twiddling my thumbs until it grows out enough to start cutting to a consistent length, and hopefully someday I’ll have a normal haircut again. But in the meantime I’m making prodigious use of bobby pins to hold it back.

It’s nice to have a little variety, though, so this weekend over the course of a few short hours, I made up this little headband.