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a pair of poppies

We spent the day on a snowy Christmas Eve with my friends and their kids, so in the days before I knit the kiddos hats–the pattern is called Poppy!

They are the speediest knits and so adorable. I love Aviatrix, by the same designer, but the chin strap is an ever-so-small pain to make, so Poppy is right up my alley. I didn’t even bother with the provisional cast-on, I just picked up the stitches over it.¬†For Eleanor’s, I used a skein of Noro leftover from the mittens I made for Pam. For Henry, I honestly have no idea what the yarn is; I found it in the free bin at the office. It’s blue. Each one took less than two hours to make, but the response was worth even more than that!

Two little kids given hats who don’t take them off for the entire duration of the visit? Unheard of.

I want one for myself now, too.



Today’s my dear friend Liz’s baby’s first birthday. I was about to cop out and buy him a book or something, but what kind of friend would I be if I resorted to store-bought? Amigurumi birdies swooped in to the rescue!

tootsie too!


After a long drought, I was a bit of a crafting fool in Singapore, huh? Because here’s another FO (and all were knit on US 5, the only size needle I brought!). I should space them out or something, but I’ve waited long enough to blog about this finished object (two whole days)!

accidental FO

placket pullover

I cast this on at 11:30 yesterday morning . . . worked on it idly during the day while working and doing some intense housecleaning . . . and was all but completely done at 9:30. I admit, even I was shocked.