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Today’s my dear friend Liz’s baby’s first birthday. I was about to cop out and buy him a book or something, but what kind of friend would I be if I resorted to store-bought? Amigurumi birdies swooped in to the rescue!

tootsie too!


After a long drought, I was a bit of a crafting fool in Singapore, huh? Because here’s another FO (and all were knit on US 5, the only size needle I brought!). I should space them out or something, but I’ve waited long enough to blog about this finished object (two whole days)!

accidental FO

placket pullover

I cast this on at 11:30 yesterday morning . . . worked on it idly during the day while working and doing some intense housecleaning . . . and was all but completely done at 9:30. I admit, even I was shocked.

it’s a february kind of month

february baby!

Erm, wait, it IS February. But it seems that the February Sweater bug is making the rounds–do people feel more inspired to knit it during the second month of the year, or is this a fluke? Because Annie just finished hers (we can’t believe she finished before me. Not that I think all knitting is a race, but well, I wanted to win), and Stacey is teasing us with her completed one. These are just two of the blogs that I read; I didn’t dare check Ravelry.