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. . . and end with the wool!


Now, it’s been bandied about that I have no stash. This isn’t entirely accurate. I have some stash. But it’s really rather small. I showed it to Lolly and Kris a few weeks ago, and Kris laughed–laughed!–when he mentally compared the basket of sock yarn and 1.5 bins of yarn I own to what he has in his house. Remember at the beginning of the year, when I declared I would reduce my stash by 1/3? Actually not all that hard to accomplish. (And yet, I don’t think I did. I reduced it by, I don’t know, maybe 1/4.)

So I was resolved to buy yarn on Saturday at Maryland Sheep and Wool and feel no guilt. And I did! I spent nearly all the cash I’d given myself to spend, and I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. The “spree” didn’t start out so well–I was so overwhelmed that I passed by a lot of great stuff. My first purchase was, naturally, sock yarn–what I identified as a good deal, from a small company that looked nice.