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Many thanks to Brenda for being the first to let me know of my idiotic mistake, in which I completely shut my own blog down due to financial issues. That is, I forgot to update my credit card info with the various agencies that I needed to pay upon the anniversary of purchasing the domain name and server space. She instant messaged me with a “what happened?” and I was like “huh? . . . oh, SHIT!” [smacks head]

So I quickly paid up, and fretted about the potential loss of everything, but it seems we are unharmed. All that time away gave me some time for this, though . . .

wrong! all answers are wrong!


“What!” Sydelle Pulaski cried.

I repeat: Wrong! All answers are wrong! Partnerships are canceled; you are on your own. Alone.

Erm . . . wait, this isn’t The Westing Game (the best book ever written–and if you’re a fan, as all those who’ve read it are, you must click on that link). But that’s what I always think when something is wrong. Amazingly, despite 75 entries, no one hit on the number of knitting books I own exactly. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

how do i do it? and, the first-ever contest


So that picture from the last post, of me knitting at the post office? I took it myself. Really! I used the self-timer, and I set the camera down on a woman’s package that she had propped on a small pylon. It’s totally staged–I set the camera up, set the timer, and got my hands into position. (For those who asked: the yarn is in my purse, over my right shoulder.) The self-timer is pretty long (10 seconds?), so I had plenty of time.

I’ve been using this feature and playing with my camera a lot so far this year. Why? Well, maybe partly because I live alone and if I don’t take them myself, who will? (Don’t you always wish you had a staff photographer, who would follow you around and document your life, the way presidents have?) But I’m bonded with my camera–and have no qualms about taking it out to set up a self portrait in public–because I’ve undertaken a project for the year.

what a year

06 review

2006. The most tumultuous year of my adult life. I started it in a stable relationship of nearly 10 years, at a good job of nearly 7 years, in a comfy apartment where I’d lived for nearly 3 years, in my adopted city of nearly 7 years. I’m ending 2006 in no relationship, in a new job of 2 months, in a comfy apartment where I’ve lived for 2 months, in a completely new city. I couldn’t have predicted the sheer amount of change I’d go through.

curse you, spammers!

I think all bloggers agree: We live for comments. We would roll around naked in comments if such a thing were physically possible and/or actually pleasurable. We want comments on every post, every sneeze, every stitch, the works. We hope that particular posts will strike a chord, will elicit smiles, or even spark a discussion. We read every last line of our site stats, but when we see a pleasant spike in visitors we merely say, “but you couldn’t leave me a comment!?” We always–always–wish we got more comments.

Until we wish we didn’t.