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no photos, no real content

I went to the eye doctor today; I cast on for the back of the Sunrise Circle Jacket once I got there. I managed about 6 rows before being called. (Turns out my prescription’s changing in both eyes, and the final combination he came up with for each eye make me realize just how out of date my current prescription is.)

beware models

I’ve been thinking more about the Sunrise Circle Jacket and this strangeness from the designer regarding the sizing and the way it will hang. I wonder if the whole problem is that the model is sitting with her arms kind of akimbo. I know that most anything will hang differently in that position–the designer’s photo of her friend in the jacket had her arms hanging dead and limply on her sides.

next on the needles

The Sunrise Circle Jacket—I’m also participating in the knitalong. I saw this jacket online (it’s the free one from Interweave Knits this issue) and immediately thought of my mom. The interesting construction has yielded positive comments from my boyfriend as well as the coworkers I’ve shown it to. I went with Knit Picks’s Wool of the Andes in Fern. The yarn arrived last week.