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falling in love all over again

spin out

It’s not the weather, since the past week stayed hot and humid. It’s not a return to school, since I work a full-time job and haven’t been in school for years. It must be some inner psychological link to the equinox, because we hit the official start of fall and I’ve been in a knitting frenzy ever since. Proof beyond the break.

remember when

pam in action

Other bloggers occasionally check in on past knits to report on how they’ve held up with regular use. I figure, since I’m a total knitting slacker these days, it would be nice to start some kind of reminiscence series, in which I take a look back from time to time. First up, Pam!



Many thanks to Brenda for being the first to let me know of my idiotic mistake, in which I completely shut my own blog down due to financial issues. That is, I forgot to update my credit card info with the various agencies that I needed to pay upon the anniversary of purchasing the domain name and server space. She instant messaged me with a “what happened?” and I was like “huh? . . . oh, SHIT!” [smacks head]

So I quickly paid up, and fretted about the potential loss of everything, but it seems we are unharmed. All that time away gave me some time for this, though . . .

it’s begun . . .


Yes. I was up way too late last night obsessing over that yoked pullover of Hermione‘s. I spent a lot of time looking at some of the great links people provided and researching yarn, again beginning with a suggestion from the comments. After dinner tonight, I broke out the colored pencils.

hermione’s sweater

So, have you seen the latest Harry Potter? I promise, no spoilers here, just some knitting talk. I saw it this evening, and I am now inspired to knit my own version of Hermione’s Icelandic sweater. I’d seen this style of sweater before, of course, but something about the white background made me look at this kind of sweater in a new way. The gauge is small, and I’m already thinking about looking for yarn. I feel certain it’d be wrong to save the photos I’ve found online and post them here, so instead I’ll make you click. So far, the only images of the sweater I can find show it under a jacket, but we’ve got the long shot (featuring Ron and Harry), where the little detail along the bottom edge is visible, and a close-up where the neck pattern is more clear. I love it! I’m getting out the graph paper immediately!