a first time for everything

I’ve played with lace a million times before: A friend and I used to whip out Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns, pick something pretty, and play around with swatching it. But I’ve never made a complete object out of lace, and I’ve certainly never experienced the magic of blocking lace–which I didn’t even know was the way it worked until I started reading all your knitting blogs!So my plan is to make Kiri, from All Tangled Up. I’m going to be in a wedding in late May in the mountains of Virginia, so the evening will likely be cool. The dress I bought is a halter-type, with a mostly bare back, that falls just past my knee (i.e., it’s not a lot of coverage). So I need something. And a lace shawl feels totally “wedding” to me–it may be the only location where I’d find such a thing appropriate. (While I find them aesthetically quite pleasing in photographs while blocking or being held up to the light, they’re just not my style for attire.)

I ordered Knit Picks’ Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint (yay peppermint!). The lining of the dress is a similar shade of pink, and I’m in love with the color. Note that this will also count for March’s Project Spectrum!
[Now if only it would get here! I placed the order Monday; per the Web site, it just shipped yesterday. I doubt there’s any way it will get here today, which means I can’t start it this weekend. (It’s delivered to the office.) Oh well.]

I spent a lot of time looking online to try to pick a shawl that I felt had the right balance of delicacy and coverage. Although I think I might have preferred a lack of a center line as on Birch, there was something more delicate about Kiri–must be the scalloped edge. Plus, I found MeowGirl’s finished Kiri, done in alpaca cloud, and I knew it was right. How beautiful! Her blog partner, Kitty Kitty, also completed one, and it too looks fabulous. Once MG confirmed that the alpaca cloud makes for a very warm shawl, I ordered the yarn. (Oh, and the kiri pattern is free. Not a small consideration.)

I printed out the pattern and have read through it. There’s some apparent weirdness, which I hope won’t screw me up and confuse me. (“Skip written instructions to written instructions to cast-off instructions”? I think I know what is meant, but seriously: Could this be a more elusive phrase? Remember that I’m an editor, so things like this especially bug me.) I joined the Yahoo group KAL, just in case I need help.

I’m in that “want to check the mail every two minutes” mode of obsession right now. I want to knit this! (This may be the first time I genuinely have two projects working at once. I have a few abandoned projects sitting next to the couch, but I will continue to work on the Sunrise Circle Jacket. Though since I only have the back to complete, I should be done by the end of the weekend, depending on how I spend my time.)

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  1. Rachel says:

    Ooh, great project choice. That’ll look so gorgeous in the pink. I can’t wait to see that, and I’m also eager to see how your sunrise circle jacket comes out, since I have considered that pattern as well. (I like just wandering around my blog friends’ blogs and blatantly copying them.)

    Knitpicks is never fast when you need them to be. I’m waiting on an order from them right now too.

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