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Kiri is upstairs blocking. It’s, uh, going to have to undergo some tinkering. I may still have a photo shoot this weekend, but despite using a size 10 needle for the castoff, it is too tight; I cannot coax the edging into pretty scallops, and I think I want pretty scallops. The boy says that it looks nice, but I’m really not satisfied. This is my favorite photo of the process.

kiri in the palm of my hand

Anyway, now that I’m semi-between projects, I’m thinking about the plans for the future. I have babies to knit for, things I want for myself, and–crap!–Christmas to start thinking about. I need a list in order to feel as though I have a plan.

The finished, or at least mostly finished:
Kiri in time for LM’s wedding (May due date)
Done, but in need of some revision.
Baby sweater for boss’s baby (April 26 due date)
I put the buttons on it the other morning. It’s truly done! Just need tissue paper for the box.
Baby sweater for coworker’s wife’s baby (July due date)
Giving them a sweater knit for another baby, but a baby that was too large for it from about the moment it hit outside air. Needs buttons sewn on; will post once that’s taken care of.
Baby sweater for coworker’s baby (July due date)
Going to give her the cardigan I knit last summer. I never gave it to the mom I’d thought I’d give it to, and now her kiddo is too big.

The yet to begin and in need of a plan, or just barely begun:
1. Baby something for LK’s baby (July due date)
I’m thinking a sweater involving cables + bootees.
2. Baby something for AC’s baby (July due date)
I’m thinking another version of Mr. Clunky. I have ideas for this one.
3. Baby something for EH’s baby (August due date)
E is an occasional reader of my blog, so I’ll have to keep mum on this one. But I’ve got some time, thankfully.
4. Sunrise Circle Jacket for me.
5. Pomatomus for the boy’s mom for Xmas.
Started these, at least, but only just found out her foot size.
6. Elfine for one of the boy’s sisters for Xmas.
Need to decide on a color and find some yarn. May resort to #7, below.
7. Dye yarn into self-striping pattern in order to make #8, below.
I’ve never dyed before, but I’m not finding any examples of self-striping yarn in the colors I’d want for her, so I’m going to have to do it myself. It looks like fun; how hard can it be? (Famous last words.)
8. Jaywalkers for one of the boy’s sisters for Xmas.
9. Undecided socks for the last of the boy’s sisters for Xmas. (Yes, he has 3 sisters.)
Suggestions welcome for fun sock patterns, please! I might just make it up, but if I do that I really risk SSS (second sock syndrome), because I’ll decide halfway through that maybe I want to do it a little differently . . .
10. New addition: A new Kiri.
It’s gotta be done. I can’t live with it like this.

This isn’t even considering any plans for Xmas gifts for other people. I think I’m going to knit gifts this year, because if I plan it right, I can do them affordably, and money is tight this year. But I need to decide what to make for the rest of the people on my list.

Other thing to consider: I have another whole skein of Alpaca Cloud and would love to knit some more lace.

Feeling a little overwhelmed. Reminder: Knitting is for fun.

What do I tackle next? I think the Clunky Jr. That will soothe the nerves.

6 Responses to the future

  1. Nicole says:

    Not only am I knitting my Sunrise Circle for my mom, as you did, I just finished a Kiri. It looks like we have more in common that our irritation at the Netflix rating system!

  2. knitannie says:

    Sounds like a big list, I can’t believe you are thinking about Christmas already! I am still trying to finish my Sunrise Circle Jacket. Looks good, I only have the right arm and right front to do (only!)

  3. Rachel says:

    I think you could make everyone the world’s most complicated, luxurious bath puffs, such as the one shown in the picture on today’s post. :) I’m sure they’d love them.

    You are very disciplined to be thinking about Christmas! I guess that’s the best way to do it, though. Maybe I’ll start my list. To keep from being overwhelmed, I’d say you should make yourself always have something for you on the needles at the same time as the things for other people, so you don’t feel like you’re only knitting to give away.

  4. Sadie Vae says:

    What’s up with all those babies and pregnant women?? You folks have a long winter or what? ;> Mercifully, only my brother-in-law and wife are expecting right now. Have you seen these? Very quick, easy and cute.
    T-strap Sandals

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