eye candy friday

Is it really Friday already? This week’s installment of Eye Candy Friday will be less odd than last week. Nothing absurd, just out of the ordinary: Wild nature in the city!

Sure, it’s true, you see plenty of pigeons and squirrels, plus an occasional mouse or rat out and about in Philly. But a few weeks ago, I came across a chartreuse caterpillar!


He was a speedy little guy, and capturing a nonblurry shot was a challenge. When I was little, I remember camping in the Catoctin Mountains with my family and family friends. The kids would climb every rock we could find, exploring new heights. We encountered loads of caterpillars. We’d catch some, put them in a bowl or something with some twigs, and watch them a bit before losing interest. (Or, we’d wave them under the nose of my friends’ mom, who was deathly afraid of them. Such brats we were!) We never saw one like this, however–we only saw more standard, less poisonous-looking ones.

Needless to say, this brightly colored caterpillar warranted a stop on the way to work. Again, as I am wont to do, I pointed it out to a woman passing by. Except the woman who was passing by was a “hello” friend I’ve made, from crossing paths every morning for a few months. She eagerly stopped to look as well, and we marveled at the presence of a caterpillar as exotic as this in Society Hill.


I wonder what kind of butterfly it will be. Google to the rescue! Searching “yellow fuzzy caterpillar” yielded this blogger, who found a similar caterpillar and did the research for me! It grows up to be a completely uncolorful moth. Still a cool sighting, though!

3 Responses to eye candy friday

  1. Laura says:

    what did we all do before google? i believe that we are all much, much smarter than we were before the internets and google, and that this is an important milestone in human evolution. i am being only partially facetious about this. :)

    glad i could be of service with the sock pattern … they are coming along very nicely. i am about two-thirds done with the first foot, and i am only looking at the chart for the rows where the pattern stops and starts on the edges. it *is* very comforting knitting. :)

  2. Rachel says:

    That looks like the sort of catepillar that if it bit you, you’d become some sort of superhero with caterpillar-like powers. I’m not sure what those would be, but there is no other explanation for a chartreuse caterpillar.

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