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There are no words. Just the best game ever invented, and the best Halloween costume I have ever made.

respect the prince, people! (by mintyfreshflavor)

I am not a Halloween fan, never have been. But Katamari Damacy? That I love. And when my friend Nanda suggested I be the Prince of All the Cosmos and she be the Katamari? And she was willing to dress up like this on Halloween proper, her birthday? Oh. Yes.

na, na na na na na na (by mintyfreshflavor)

There’s a pattern for the earmuffs, which I read but mostly ignored, “unventing” the earmuffs myself. The sides of the prince’s head are really quite straight, not rounded, and I wanted accuracy! There’s a disc of cardboard in there to stabilize the edges.

katamari prince earmuffs (by mintyfreshflavor)

I’ll put the full details on Ravelry. . . . Getting the band across to be flat was stupidly complicated; the pattern recommends double knitting, which would have made sense and solved it, but I thought I was going to attach it to a headband, but that wasn’t working right. Ultimately, I interfaced corduroy and lined it with that. Um, there is interfacing on my costume, which was supposed to be just an off-the-cuff knit. I had to find the iron in half-unpacked boxes (not to mention the interfacing and fabric!). But it’s worth it.

prince of all the cosmos earmuffs (by mintyfreshflavor)

No one knew what the heck I was—but everyone smiled or laughed at me. People at the bar came up to ask. I was sitting in the front window of the bar, right at a busy corner on the Lower East Side, with my back to the street, and all my friends kept laughing as strangers did doubletakes. I got a lot of props from people when they realized that I’d made the costume myself. I also had a little visual aid, so people would see the prince in full—the small felt toy my friend Melissa made me!

366.305 • i am the prince of all the cosmos! (by mintyfreshflavor)

The best moment was on the subway home. I wore the earmuffs because, being 100% wool, they are awfully warm and totally functioned as earmuffs (throughout the night at the bar I was saying “I’m sorry, what?” because I couldn’t hear anything). Pulling into one station, a throng of about 10 teenagers on the platform saw me and burst out laughing; one stuck his head against a window and howled in joy at me. They clambered into the subway car I was in, stomping and laughing, and one finally was like “Miss!!! What ARE you!” And I showed them the tiny prince and said I was the Prince of All the Cosmos, of course! He was like, “not the princESS?” And I said, “no, there isn’t a princess. there’s a queen, but the prince is cooler.” he then jumped up and started dancing around in front of me (awesome popping/locking). They caused such a ruckus that other riders were stonily irritated, but I was just enveloped into their fun times. It was so nice!

the prince plays in the big city (by mintyfreshflavor)

42 Responses to na, na na na na na na na

  1. gleek says:

    all these people who don’t know what katamari damacy is must lead boring lives! great costume! i knew you’d pull it off! you must have been knitting down to the wire.

  2. Bertha says:

    I don’t understand how no one knew who you were? I don’t even play video games but I know what Katamari Damacy is, sheesh. You look adorable!

  3. schrodinger says:

    I think I already said this on twitter or flickr, or somewhere in the interweb cosmos, but it’s phenomenal! even though I’m completely out of touch where video games are concerned (I’ve just figured out which is Mario and which is Luigi)

  4. Kristen says:

    You mean to say that not one person knew who you two were? Tragedy! Whenever I get to see my sisters we have a little game where we try to get the “na na na” song stuck in each other’s heads.

    Katamari, do your best!

  5. amy says:

    i would have known the second i saw you…knew the moment i saw the photo. but then i’m part of the cramped-thumb club from playing too often on my PSP. =] so. super. awesome. costume!

  6. Jennette says:

    Na naaaaaa…. Hooray! I am subscribing to your blog immediately. Great costume. See you on Ravelry! I am SpyKnits there.

    p.s. Welcome to Brooklyn. I am envious of your apartment.

  7. minty says:

    this is funny, my name is minty also…and i stumbled across your blog while looking at the knitted toys blog. i saw minty on the side and thought, HOW DO THEY KNOW IM LOOKING AT THIS. and i was led here. also, i love katamari. how funny.

  8. Felix says:

    I love this! I love the whole game of it, the knitting fun, the little figurine… your photos, the whole amazingness.

    How have I only just discovered your blog?

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