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beachy goodness

beach week!

I took enough yarn with me down the shore to knit an entire sweater. I told myself “you have one week: get it done.” I knew this was risky, given I would not have my (small but good) library of knitting books on hand as reference, as I was designing my first set-in sleeve. I knew i would have internet access and could easily read great tutorials on armscyes on knitty, and I could use the fantastic armscye calculator, created by my friend Elinor of Exercise Before Knitting’s genius husband. I knew if all else failed I could wing it and it would probably be okay. But instead . . .

eye candy friday

virginia sunset

I used to be so good about Eye Candy Friday, posting every week without fail! I don’t know why I stopped, especially because I have some really lovely shots in my library of late. Here’s one to take you into the weekend.