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laughter and tears on the mat


There was a Yoga Journal a few years ago with this phrase as the big grabber headline on the cover. I used to laugh at it–there’s something so melodramatic about it. The article was about the upwelling of emotions that can happen while doing yoga–the idea being that sometimes you release a muscle or an area of your body and you tap into bottled up emotions, which come out during class, sometimes without a clear reason.

Well, this weekend I knew the reasons. I was both happy and sad, and I had my share of both laughter and tears on the mat.

practicing tapas

green sock!

Tapas is one of the niyamas of yoga–the things you’re supposed to do (in contrast with the yamas, which are things you aren’t supposed to do). Tapas is the act of self-discipline. I have been struggling to cultivate this in myself in a lot of ways: go to bed at a decent hour, eat three squares a day, etc. But so long as I attempt tapas, I’m halfway to a more balanced life, right?

This sock is my exercise in tapas for the next few weeks. I’m determined to work on it only while commuting (or while knitting at lunch). I think of it as my go-to, kill-time knit that I make last. The only other pair of “commuting socks” I started got finished within four days, because I knit them at home. What can I say, I’m a one-project girl, and it’s hard to set something aside when I could be knitting it.


lit street

When I cast on for the second Zephirine sock, I was spending a girls’ weekend discussing life and boys and the works, and I guess I was pretty distracted, because I had to restart it three times (I kept increasing wrong). Well, I got on the bus to Maryland for Thanksgiving and was merrily knitting along, and then I realized that I’d ultimately cast on more stitches than I had for the first sock!

So much for taking “better notes.” Maybe I should start taking “any notes.”