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I tried to post about this earlier today, but the blogger photo uploader was acting up, so I’m going to try again. (It’s still acting up. This post has a combo of blogger and flickr photos.)

So I rented a car yesterday and drove out to Atlantic City. It took pretty much exactly an hour, much to my surprise (I’d been under the impression it would take a little longer than that). Luckily, it took my mom less time to get there from Maryland than she thought, so we converged at about the same time. We grabbed some food (right before the line got reeeally long) and then cruised the aisles. Here’s all my booty:

the yarn!

Photos of me in the Tivoli might have to wait, because my boyfriend isn’t back from his run yet and the light is fading fast outside. (I will see how well it comes out with flash, etc.)

But! I just dashed outside and took some shots of the yarn that arrived today. I’m not sure even the outdoor light did justice to the colors.

a fax of yarn?

The office manager sent me an instant message before lunch today: “You have a box.” But on a quick glance, I totally thought it said “You have a fax.” Now, I never ever receive faxes, so my response was “!? weird,” and she said, “Yeah, from Crafts Americana.” I was so confused. Then I thought to read back, and when box became clear, I got all excited: It meant my yarn order for the Union Square Market Pullover had arrived. Joy!