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to new york and back

I went to NYC this weekend marginally against my will, to celebrate a friend’s birthday. The best thing about the trip was the long uninterrupted time to work on the Tivoli T. We took NJ Transit in order to save some $, which means an increase in time (versus Amtrak).

I decided to take a slightly different approach for the sweater–did no picot edge and started with more stitches at the outset, in order to have a wider neck (by just a little), but I’m now following the new pattern unchanged.

Had trouble hitting gauge again but have left it: Got it to 24st/4in on size 5s, and didn’t want to go up any higher for fear that the stitches will look too open. We’ll see what happens. Pictures tomorrow!

tivoli –> picovoli

Grumperina’s published her Tivoli T in multiple sizes via Mag Knits, renaming the piece the Picovoli. I suppose it’s really only a Picovoli if you add the option picot edge. I think mine will be picot-free.

Interestingly, the directions from before were for a finished bust of 31″ and you cast on 144 stitches. Now the finished bust of 32″ requires 136 stitches? Something isn’t computing for me here.

i knew it would be disastrous

I tried on my Tivoli last night. It’s not going to work. It’s tight–not so tight that I’m unhappy with the size–but the armhole is too tight. And that’ll be annoying. The collar is just fine, but I think I’d need a few more increases for the straps and then need to cast on a few more stitches under the arm. It’s not the pattern’s fault–I knew that my gauge wasn’t right.

lake wesauking knitting

Knitting by the lake this weekend was great–and I made amazing progress on the Tivoli T. I did a swatch in the car on the way up, and discovered that my gauge was a little smaller than called for, but I liked the way the yarn was knitting up and so I decided to just go for it (this could prove disatrous). I knit knit knit in every spare moment, and I’m actually about to start the increases at the end of the wais shaping. I should really try it on, but I didn’t have a needle with which to put the work on some scrap yarn.

the blue x-back is complete!

I finished it! You’ll notice that the ends on the straps are not woven in; I decided to leave them all long and then if it’s too long or too short Mom can then either change it herself (nice gift I’m giving, huh!) or I can fix it later. Either way, I need the extra ribbon there so that I don’t have to attach a new end or anything.