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the year in cooking

tasty noms!

Some eat to live; I’ve always lived to eat. I cook a lot, and I take photos of the majority of what I make—I take photos of the majority of what I eat, whether I cooked it or not. Looking back at the pictures, I can relive every bite.

2008 revisited

hemlock ring

Hey, it’s still January, a perfectly acceptable time to look back at 2008. In my personal life, 2008 was HUGE—and positive. And now that I’m looking at it, it was a pretty darn big year for me for knitting! I produced more sweaters than ever, more “big” projects, more well-fitting projects, and just plain old more projects than ever.


07 wrap-up

Well, there go the New Year’s resolutions. I made a little list for myself, and one of them–“Blog more”–has been woefully ignored. I’m happy to report that I’m keeping up my “10 minutes of straightening up every night” resolution, for the first time ever. So you win some, you lose some.

My biggest resolution for 2008 is to blog WIPs. We’ve all talked about and noticed the push to blog just FOs, and there is something so satisfying about the big reveal, but there will be no blog if I don’t blog WIPs. But first, let’s linger a bit longer on the FOs! 2007 had only 2 more FOs than 2006 (and one of those was freezer paper stenciling), and I’m not sure if I think that’s impressive or pathetic. It’s definitely one or the other. I’ll decide how I feel about it as 08 progresses, I think, as I either come to accept that I can only accomplish about this much in one year, or as I try to outstrip previous years’ results.