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Sometimes you go to meet someone and you’re not expecting anything much, but you find more than you’d ever imagined–more things in comon, more things to laugh about, more things to share. That’s what happened with Pam of FlintKnits yesterday.

feeling the love

season of giving!

I always knew knitters were good souls. I knew they were a generous bunch. And when I was feeling low last week, I knew I could turn to some tried-and-true bloggers, who’ve known me from almost the very start, for some sympathy, emails, and more people to gmail chat with if I needed.

I didn’t expect the amazing responses I’ve gotten–from thoughtful suggestions for what to knit, to taking the time to share personal stories with me, and now? Sending me care packages!!

project runway

I finally watched this week’s episode (part 1 of the finale). The following is not a spoiler, just some Laura love:

I adore that when Tim asked for their receipts, Laura apparently had a spreadsheet. (You don’t see it in the episode at all; Tim mentions it in his podcast.) That’s the kind of thing I would have done!

There are some of you with spreadsheets cataloging all your stash–I haven’t gone that route yet. I should have made one when I did the massive stash purge, but I can do it upon move-in, I suppose! I have so little, I’m not sure it’s all that necessary, but I actually think it would be fun to do, if I had some time to devote to it.

a purging update

Yesterday I sat with the stash. Well, the stash that doesn’t sit next to the couch. And you know what? I purged it like nobody’s business. There were tangled skeins not worth keeping, bulky yarns I will never want to use, and more acrylic than I’d like to admit.

I thought about making stuff available to you guys, but there was so little, really, and pretty much none of it had a label or was a full skein. It wasn’t worth anything to anybody. And now it’s gone!

adding to the stash

I actually have a fairly small stash of yarn, though if you were to ask my boyfriend he’d have something different to say. I haven’t forced him to sit and look at bloggers’ photos of their stashes as a comparison, but trust me: I don’t have a ton of yarn that was purchased with no project in mind. For the most part, I decide on a project and buy the yarn. So I have lots of leftover bits, but never enough to make an entire something.

Until a week and a half ago, when I was inspired to buy some sock yarn “just because.” Just because it was so reasonably priced. Just because the colors were so pretty. Just because I could.