hat est perfectus!

How very apt that the word finished is perfectus in Latin (at least, it is according to the Internet). Because my earflap hat is perfect! I really can’t tell you just how much work went into the earflaps, but I will say there is earflap detritus all over my couch. I think I knit three or four different ones before the right flap came into being.

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roman earflap hat - back

Roman Earflap Hat
Pattern: To come! I will be writing it up in full soon.
Yarn: KnitPicks Merino Style in Nutmeg
Skeins: 3
Needles: US 6
Started: 8:30 am Saturday, September 22
Finished: 7:45 am Monday, September 24
Nitpicky notes: As I alluded to above, I was persnickety about the flaps. The eventual winners were knit using the double knitting technique so that they would lay perfectly flat and also be toasty-warm.

roman earflap hat - stitch detail

Earlier I mentioned my attention to the brim, which I worked with the yarn held double, for thickness and warmth. I chose the stitch pattern out of Barbara Walker’s first treasury; it is based on garter stitch so it creates a dense fabric (also good for warmth!).

roman earflap hat - top view

I very deliberately decreased by a multiple of seven. I decided that an odd number would be the most aesthetically pleasing, and I was convinced 7 was the perfect balance. I think I made the right decision on that.

The last step was the pompoms–which I put more thought into than you might have suspected. (Sizing was the issue–I know I like dense pompoms.) I hope Liz likes the hat! I can’t wait for the weather to turn so she can start wearing it. In the meantime, I’m making one for me.

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  1. mel says:

    it EST perfectus :) She will love it!! I love it – it looks like an acorn – totally adorable. All your hard work paid off. I hope that you do share the pattern, I’ll absolutely knit it!

  2. Joan says:

    I’m not crazy about pompoms or earflaps, but this hat is amazing! Quite an accomplishment to make me excited over both. I’d love to try this one.

  3. Saralyn says:

    Charming! An earflap hat is a challenging thing to get just right. I’m not an earflap person myself, but it might be just the thing to keep my daughter’s ears warm later this winter. I’ll be watching for the pattern. Thanks for all the thought you’ve put into this design to share with us.

  4. Specs says:

    Aha! I knit an earflap hat last winter and just knew it would be the next Big Thing, despite my students laughing at it. (And now you’re making two so it looks like I was totally right!)

    It looks great, by the way!

  5. Christine says:

    Ah…MUCH less helmet-like. Very nice indeed, and sure to be added to my Ravelry queue in anticipation of the icy Washington winters.

  6. Rachel says:

    Okay, so I’m last to the “I love it!” party on the blog, but I was totally in attendance at the “I love it!” party in person last night. I really really want to make this hat. I love me a bandwagon.

  7. maryse says:

    that’s an awesome looking hat. and i may have to make one just to see if i can get away with an ear flap hat. because i really want one but every earflap hat i’ve tried looks stupid on me. or rather i look stupid with it on.

  8. Karma says:

    Oh, yay! What a lot of trial and error, but what a fantastic end result. i’m sure your friend will love the hat, and I hope to have an opportunity to use your pattern sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. mary says:

    I add my love for this hat!! How about for a toddler size 19-1/2″ circum.?? Can yoou help with the changes?? Thank-you

  10. Phlaphappies says:

    I love your hat! You did a great job on it. We have a fun new site dedicated to funky hats with earflaps. If you have a minute, drop by and let me know if we can include your hat photo! Thanks :-)

  11. Prudence II says:


    LOVE your hat pattern, wondering when you will put the pattern up??
    My little sister is desperate for one like it!

    Keep up the knitting!

  12. febri says:

    hi, i’m a newbie in this knit world and am currently trying to make this hat. what i don’t understand is: what’s the meaning of “swap the next 2 stitches on the needles”?

    please help.. i’m stuck here.. hiks.. :(

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