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last eye candy of 2006

xmas trees!

My mom started collecting these glass Christmas trees when we lived in Taiwan; they were supercheap and pretty. When we got back to the states, we were surprised to discover that they sell here for a great deal more money. Needless to say, Mom’s collection didn’t grow after that. Still, she has dozens, and puts them out every year on their glass dining room table. It wouldn’t be Christmas without them.

eye candy friday

christmas in new york

More holiday decorations in my new city! My dear friend Num Num said that she loves seeing her city anew through my eyes. I hope you enjoy it, too. Another friend used a photo of these lights as his Christmas card from last year; I had to do it for myself, too. Consider this my holiday card to all of you: I couldn’t get it together to mail any out for real this year.

in the absence of a real knitting update

Work has been insane of late, so I’ve been working at night too, and no knitting has been done. So instead of talking about progress on the baby sweater (slow) or my desire to start the Tivoli T (intense), let’s revisit an old project. Sam‘s Christmas Stocking, 2004. I was actually commissioned to make this stocking by Sam’s mom, a friend of mine, in honor of Sam’s first Christmas.