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snowed in!


As many of you have heard—since it’s been all over the news, Twitter, and Facebook—the East Coast got socked with a blizzard the Sunday after Christmas. It’s too bad it couldn’t make for a white Christmas, but it sure did make things pretty. During the day on Sunday, when the snow was falling but there wasn’t enough on the ground to play with, I was consumed by an uncontrollable burst of creative energy that had me bouncing off the walls. I tried starting a blanket, but the yarn wasn’t right. I sewed for a few hours. And then I pawed deep into my yarn stash, came up with a skein of bulky, and I cast on for a hat!

cherry winks!


It’s all baking around these parts right now, but it’s no surprise, right—it’s the holidays! It’s baking time! Today on our snow day I decided to finally make some cherry winks. These are a traditional holiday cookie in my family, but I realized today that I’ve never made them myself. Mom always made them without me, or before I came home to visit. I love them best!

clementine cake


Years ago—when I was still in high school? maybe college—my mom and I were watching cooking shows one afternoon and saw Nigella Lawson make this clementine cake. It was near the holidays and mom had clementines in the house, of course, and if I remember correctly, she made one immediately after seeing the episode. Over the years she’s made it more than once, but I never had.

Clementines are so perfect this time of year—I’ve always associated them with Christmastime—and I recently bought a crate of them. Though I ate practically one a day, I still have a lot left, so this cake is perfect, as it uses up 5! Though it doesn’t have what we might consider “traditional” Christmas flavors, it’s still one of those scents and tastes that is very, very December.

god jul!


Merry Christmas all! I’m here in Norway celebrating with my parents. It’s been freezing and snowy pretty much every day. But I suppose that’s a lot more Christmassy feeling than what we had the last time we were together for the holiday.

merry christmas!


I know, I know! I’ve been completely MIA for the past month. It’s bad. I miss you! I miss my little blog. But I have been just way too busy–flying to the West Coast twice, Christmas parties, frenzied secret santa knitting, the works. I know that I have all sorts of unfinished business to take care of, plus I also have finished business (objects) to show off (well, just one). And I’ll get to it soon. I will have renewed blogging energy in 2008. I swear.

In the meantime, I’m in sunny, muggy, hot Singapore visiting with my parents–and had the delightful experience of a vacation within a vacation to Thailand (I recommend vacations within vacations to all). So it’s really not feeling much at all like Christmas. Here are some photos to tide you over until I sit down and properly get back in the knitblogger groove.