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kiri: i need some help

Let me start my first real post about knitting Kiri with a little “uh, wow, harder than I thought” plug for lace. Despite all the warnings about not using Addi Turbos for lace, they’re all I have on hand, so I sat down and gave it a whirl. No. That will not work. It was beyond frustrating. I dug around and found some Clover size 4 circulars (16″ tho; not large enough), so I decided to try them. Not sharp enough.

a first time for everything

I’ve played with lace a million times before: A friend and I used to whip out Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns, pick something pretty, and play around with swatching it. But I’ve never made a complete object out of lace, and I’ve certainly never experienced the magic of blocking lace–which I didn’t even know was the way it worked until I started reading all your knitting blogs!So my plan is to make Kiri, from All Tangled Up. I’m going to be in a wedding in late May in the mountains of Virginia, so the evening will likely be cool. The dress I bought is a halter-type, with a mostly bare back, that falls just past my knee (i.e., it’s not a lot of coverage). So I need something. And a lace shawl feels totally “wedding” to me–it may be the only location where I’d find such a thing appropriate. (While I find them aesthetically quite pleasing in photographs while blocking or being held up to the light, they’re just not my style for attire.)