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final FOs of 2008


Happy New Year, all! The past month has been an absolute whirlwind of travel, fun, visits, and parties, and I’m just now finally starting to settle down. I’m back in Singapore for the month of January (the switch to Food Blog will commence!), but first we need to weave in some loose ends.

Christmas really really snuck up on me this year, as I know it did a lot of you. Stupid late Thanksgiving! Also, this was the first year I have done Xmas with anyone other than my nuclear family. Which meant I needed gifts for a whole branch of my family. Somehow, I whipped them all out in the two weeks before the holiday—three of them in the three DAYS before Christmas.

presenting the bainbridge scarf


Here it is! The finished pattern for The Bainbridge Scarf. It even includes step-by-step directions for wearing it. I want to get the pattern up right away, so a proper pattern page is still forthcoming (plus, it’s been a long time since I uploaded a new page to the site, and I’m going to need some time for my memory to kick in). Click on the name below in the meantime. Enjoy!

the bainbridge scarf


The cardigan is still “blocking.” On Saturday my solution was to put the pieces into a heap and sort of hope for the best. (Rachel firmly advised against this, but I ignored her good sense.) Today I set them out again, but there’s been no stringent “blocking to measurements” action, per all of your good advice–see, the work naturally hit the right widths, it was the length that was out of whack, so I just sort of set it up so that it wasn’t stretched in the slightest. Glancing at it, it doesn’t look so enormous any longer. It’s not completely dry, and until I feel sure it’s completely dessicated, I’m going to take the firm denial stance of “so long as I ignore it, it can’t be doing something bad.” More news when I have some. Thank you so much for all the sympathy and suggestions–I have certainly learned my lesson (swatch even if you think you don’t need to), and I have some decent ideas for how to proceed if it doesn’t magically fix itself.

In the meantime, in order to give myself some satisfaction, I whipped up this new “scarf.” It’s kind of like Ashley’s neck hug, only not. And it’s a complete ripoff of a scarf that my friend was wearing last weekend; she got it from a delightful boutique in Philly that’s on Bainbridge Street. (I was going to name the scarf after the store, but then the blatant ripoff would have been just that much more blatant.)