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out and about in philadel-phi-ay

I haven’t stopped knitting, but this post isn’t really going to be about much knitting. I just thought I ought to follow up on yesterday’s post a bit and show you some fun pictures I’ve taken in the last two days.

Sunday we’d planned to continue our day-trip adventures, but we were both, uh, suffering hangovers from too much imbibing and dancing Saturday night, so we instead chose to take a nap directly after going out to brunch. (I even skipped yoga, that’s how rotten I felt. I’d had so much fun the night before, though! Isn’t that always the way.)

scarf for goldie

My coworker and friend Goldie, a reader of the blog, asked if I would knit her a scarf, if she bought some yarn. Of course, I said! She brought in two skeins of a novelty-with-a-captial-N yarn. Boucle! Sparkles! Sticky-outy-bits! It’s fun, crazy, and really speaks for itself. No need to make a fancy pattern scarf, because the real appeal is the sproinginess. She’s buying t more skeins because as it is it’s waay too short, but here’s a sneak peek:

finally finished object: ruffles scarf

When I said before that I finished the Ruffles scarf on Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t completely honest. I finished knitting the scarf then. I still had various ends to weave in–the yarn I used was a very random acquisition from Stitches years before, from a “$2/ounce” bin, and was a complete mystery yarn. There wasn’t even a tag giving the huge bundle’s weight–the woman who worked that booth and I guesstimated and she charged me $10 for it. It turned out to have a load of slubs and super-thin spots, so over the years, as I tried to make new thing after new thing out of it, it got broken up into about a thousand balls.