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echo flower shawl


When my friend Emily asked me to knit her a wedding shawl, I was beyond excited: No one had ever asked me to make them something so important before! Many of my friends are not the “knit shawl at their wedding” kind of girls, but Emily has a real appreciation for handmade, and she told me that she especially wanted me to be “in” her wedding somehow, even if she wasn’t having attendants (hallelujah! no bridemaid dress for me!).

I threw myself into the planning by . . . giving Emily my Ravelry username and password and telling her to go for it. Actually, that’s not true, I sent her links to about 15 different shawls, plus my Rav name and password! I wasn’t sure what style she wanted—triangular? rectangular? lacy? textured? . . . so I gave her lots to choose from. Perhaps because it was first on my list and because I said “this one is gorgeous!” she went with what was secretly my top choice: Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen.

i’m back!

This weekend was the wedding for which I knit Kiri. We drove down to Lexington, Virginia, super-early on Saturday morning and just returned yesterday afternoon, after a whirlwind of work by us in the wedding party: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding planning, organizing centerpieces, carting tables, doing hair, seeking the groom’s lost car keys, etc. (The keys were found by a bridesmaid, after hours of concentrated searching all over the property the morning of the wedding day, in a trash bag from the rehearsal dinner. Everyone cheered!) The wedding was atop a mountain in the Blue Ridge mountains and was positively gorgeous—the weather was unparalleled.

kiri: the great slooowdown

I’ve hit 13 pattern repeats done, and now a single row of Kiri is taking what feels like an eternity. It’s not that I’m moving any slower, it’s just that my progress appears to be so much slower! Just . . . two . . . more . . . repeats!!! I can do it! I haven’t had the concentration to count all the stitches in a single row, or even to time it. I think in some way that I’m afraid to count and find out just how many are there–I don’t want to know!

A special note to Kara, my new reader who’s also a new knitter: Welcome to the world of knitting! I hope you start a blog so that we can all see your progress from novice to expert. I get so much enjoyment out of knitting, I’m always thrilled when people learn. Enjoy!