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beachy goodness

beach week!

I took enough yarn with me down the shore to knit an entire sweater. I told myself “you have one week: get it done.” I knew this was risky, given I would not have my (small but good) library of knitting books on hand as reference, as I was designing my first set-in sleeve. I knew i would have internet access and could easily read great tutorials on armscyes on knitty, and I could use the fantastic armscye calculator, created by my friend Elinor of Exercise Before Knitting’s genius husband. I knew if all else failed I could wing it and it would probably be okay. But instead . . .

we’re going on a roti hunt

roti prata house

We’re not afraid.

Downtown Singapore is, let’s face it, like almost any other cosmopolitan city (with exceptions, of course). It’s modern, it’s clean, and it’s easy to navigate. But head out of downtown, and it gets decidedly more provincial, with open-air restaurants with plastic chairs, fewer English speakers, and—we hoped—more authentic food. Driving north out of downtown, my mom had spotted The Roti Prata House and was dying to try it. So dad did some city bus research, and mom and I set off on the bus—in a direction opposite every other trip from home we’ve ever taken—and traveled half an hour to sample the roti prata.