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hat est perfectus!

roman earflap hat!

How very apt that the word finished is perfectus in Latin (at least, it is according to the Internet). Because my earflap hat is perfect! I really can’t tell you just how much work went into the earflaps, but I will say there is earflap detritus all over my couch. I think I knit three or four different ones before the right flap came into being.

2:1 socks

finished socks!

3 skeins of yarn: 2 brown, 1 blue. A sock pattern that is close to, but not quite, 2:1, is a good idea, but you should realize that toes and heels actually constitute a decent amount of yarn. Which means you will run out of the “1” before you’re through with the “2.” These socks would have been done a bit sooner, but I had to take out the first one to redo. But I’m thrilled with the ultimate result, so it was all worth it.

just a little somethin’ sweet


Since finishing Swallowtail, I haven’t been exactly sure what I wanted to knit next. I swatched for Sahara, and once I did I recalled my intention to knit it with a different gauge, which as you know means extensive math, and well: not in the mood. I decided that doubling the yarn for the Cabled Bandeau is not being true to the yarn, so I’m going to frog that entirely and find new yarn to make it out of. I started designing a new pair of socks, but the Koigu felt really thick and rough compared with the laceweight I used for Swallowtail and the luscious Tess Silk & Ivory I was using for Sahara. I wanted something light, something sweet, something that would feel good to work on and brighten my day. I wanted to work with some soft sock yarn, like the Lisa Souza Sock!Merino. So I did.