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kiri: hate!

This is one of those quirks that I’ve picked up recently, and I suspect I got it mostly from TWOP; it’s taken over the office as well. When your hatred bubbles up so violently, you merely say: “Haaaate!” And that’s how I’m feeling about my technically finished Kiri.


out and about in philadel-phi-ay

I haven’t stopped knitting, but this post isn’t really going to be about much knitting. I just thought I ought to follow up on yesterday’s post a bit and show you some fun pictures I’ve taken in the last two days.

Sunday we’d planned to continue our day-trip adventures, but we were both, uh, suffering hangovers from too much imbibing and dancing Saturday night, so we instead chose to take a nap directly after going out to brunch. (I even skipped yoga, that’s how rotten I felt. I’d had so much fun the night before, though! Isn’t that always the way.)