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he found the hat!!

Wow, I never thought it would happen. But we just started laundry, and he found it tucked in amongst some dirty clothes. Which means it was in his bag the entire time! Phew!

Edited to add: He claims he had already looked in his bag.

christmas haul

Actually, it counts more as a belated birthday present, but either way I scored big: The boy’s parents gave me a $50 gift certificate to All About Yarn!

My mom had received an identical g.c. from a friend of hers, so she and I headed over on the 26th to spend every penny. It wasn’t hard.

a scruffy boy in a spiffy hat

I finished the hat for the boy. And despite grumbling, he allowed me to take a shot of him in it. Note that winter vacation officially began for him on Friday; shaving has gone by the wayside.

damn hat!

Last night the boy and I went over the list of hats I’ve made him. We can account for 5 (I wonder if there was one other, he is adamant there was not). Only one is extant. I hope that the various others that were left on Septa trains found their way to those who needed some warmth.

I essentially finished the newest hat a few hours ago. It was still on the needles, he tried it on, and it was officially too snug. He wants a little more room. OK, I understand that. I’d measured his head and left some give, but he wanted more. So I took it out.