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luckily, you don’t have to talk to knit

I got a cold a week ago Tuesday, and I ended up with some major laryngitis. I started off 2006 sounding like a frog, and Monday I mostly communicated with air. I had to expell so much more air than usual to make even the slightest sound! It was exhausting.

Which is why it’s nice that you can just sit quietly when knitting. I made my dad a hat!

he found the hat!!

Wow, I never thought it would happen. But we just started laundry, and he found it tucked in amongst some dirty clothes. Which means it was in his bag the entire time! Phew!

Edited to add: He claims he had already looked in his bag.

christmas haul

Actually, it counts more as a belated birthday present, but either way I scored big: The boy’s parents gave me a $50 gift certificate to All About Yarn!

My mom had received an identical g.c. from a friend of hers, so she and I headed over on the 26th to spend every penny. It wasn’t hard.

a scruffy boy in a spiffy hat

I finished the hat for the boy. And despite grumbling, he allowed me to take a shot of him in it. Note that winter vacation officially began for him on Friday; shaving has gone by the wayside.