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a belated FO

hat for me!

I actually finished this hat while watching the Superbowl, and have been wearing it daily, but I never got around to taking real FO shots. But look how happy I am with it!

first frogging of 08


I started a Koolhaas hat on January 1, but in the past few weeks I’ve barely touched it; I just didn’t like knitting it. Something about the frequency of the cable crossings didn’t ever let me get in the flow. In the meantime, every single last one of you has cranked out your own–oh, wait, no, you actually made at least two, sometimes three! I watched in awe and befuddlement.

hat est perfectus!

roman earflap hat!

How very apt that the word finished is perfectus in Latin (at least, it is according to the Internet). Because my earflap hat is perfect! I really can’t tell you just how much work went into the earflaps, but I will say there is earflap detritus all over my couch. I think I knit three or four different ones before the right flap came into being.

Ex vestris discite erroribus*

hat in progress

When my now-married friends met, she owned a hat that featured earflaps, a big pompom, and pompoms on the ends of the earflap ties. And according to my friend, that hat is the reason her husband fell in love with her. (We all know the reasons are much more varied than that, and include her intelligence, beauty, and kindness.) But she lost that hat within their first year, and he’s been wanting her to get another.

So when I told them over dinner that I was in a knitting slump, they didn’t offer sympathy, or try to find out if there was a deeper reason I wasn’t knitting. No, they said “Knit the earflap hat!” And I didn’t need to be asked twice. We looked at yarn online, and I’d ordered and received it within a week. I started knitting it last Tuesday.