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mr muffeleta, ne mr mumbles

I just had to share this story with you all, because it made me so happy.

Last Thursday I stayed up past 1am to finish knitting Mr Mumbles for our friend before the boy left for a weekend with the guys. He got back Sunday night and started telling me about the trip, when I cut him of—did you remember to give Mr Mumbles to AC?

crossing another baby off the list

Last night I tooled around with a gift for my friend LK’s baby. LK is perhaps a bigger Buffy fan than I am; she owns all 7 seasons on DVD, whereas I stalled out at the first 3 (and she bought me season 3!). Now, I don’t know if the baby will be a boy or a girl, but I think she’ll like a Buffy-themed gift even if she has a boy—maybe he’ll grow up to have all the good qualities of, say, Xander (but not the dumb ones).

So I knit up a baby-sized Mr. Pointy.


After finishing Kiri, I had a little PPD: post-project depression. I didn’t want to knit anything else. But, of course, I had a baby to knit for–our friend BK’s baby shower was Saturday, so I whipped up (if by “whipped up” I mean took an inordinately long time, compared with my speed on other projects) a Nautie for the upcoming baby girl.

baby baby

The procreating this year continues to amaze me. I added a list of babies to my sidebar, because I need to keep track of all of them and this is the best way I can think of. If you read my “the future” post, you read about six babies. Note that there are eight in the list at right. Ah yes, the dad of one baby that I decided I wouldn’t knit for has just invited us to the baby shower–in a very informal capacity, but it’s not as if I can show up empty handed. And another coworker announced the expectation of his 2nd. (Not til October! Phew!)

Both will get little toys of some kind–NOT sweaters! Stop being so fertile, everyone.