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i made a decision!

I tried mistake-stitch rib (before you suggested it!) and even k1p1 again, but ultimately I decided that brioche was where it was at—thick, plush, dense—and in order to get it tighter, I’d just have to go to smaller needles.

serial knitter tries to break out

I hadn’t quite realized how much of a serial knitter (that is, knitting one project at a time) I am until I just got all sorts of excited about doing the Cover Your Head hatalong and Jaax and I agreed to knit our toe-up socks together. This will mean 3 truly active projects (the USMP is done being knitted, but still needs to be blocked and seamed and button-ed, so it’s not an FO but it’s not currently on the needles), and I’m finding that it makes me a little panicky.

magical mystery tour

Tonight, I made an advancement in my knitting life.

See, I learned to knit when I was 8 years old. Mom taught me. I played around a lot, never really got super into it, but always considered myself a knitter. In college, a friend organized a club to knit hats to donate to homeless shelters. A bunch of my hallmates were going to participate and learn to knit, and my latent knitting self came forth. But there was no real advancement in my knitting.

frogging without fear

So I was right! I read about it on the Knitty boards, where someone provided the link to the Knitty issue of Techniques with Theresa that explained this awesome, awesome technique.

It was time consuming to put the stitches on the needle, but I used a needle one size smaller and that definitely helped. I was worried about splitting the stitches, but all told, when I pulled it out, only a few were split and it didn’t affect anything.

I hooked the yarn up to my ball winder and just turned and turned and turned it and when it got to the designated row, it stopped! And then I just started knitting! No frustrations, no risk of dropping a stitch. Yay for the online knitting community.