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on speed and kitchener

The speediness with which I finished the baby sweater was helped enormously by the fact that I did little to nothing all weekend. The boy and I lazed around the house, quite deliberately, both days of the weekend. So while I do crank out stitches pretty quickly, this surprised even me.


Don’t feel bad if you prefer dpns! Especially if you’ve tried magic loop but didn’t like it. They’re just not for me. And it’s not a question of tension that irritates me about those last few stitches, it’s purely an issue of physics: The needles are sticking out everywhere, and when I get to the last two stitches they’re harder to access, because they kind of tuck under the next needle. I suppose I should try overlapping the needles the other way, but then tension comes into play—I feel I get more even tension if I start knitting with the new needle under the one that preceded it.

i’ve gone back to the dark ages

There was a time when I didn’t know about Magic Loop. During that time, I, like many other people, used these horrible dpn contraptions. Since discovering Magic Loop, I’ve been forcing every project to conform to size 3 needles—the only size circular I bought that’s long enough to use Magic Loop on. (Yes, I have plans to get myself a whole lot more.)